Expense Management System for SharePoint


Product Description

SharePoint Expense Management provides an easy way to manage your organisation’s expense approval process. Built on top of SharePoint, it allows your employees to capture their respective expense for management approval. Whether the employees are at the office or on the go, it’s so much easier to capture expenses.

A vast list of expenses including travel, accommodation, training, lunch, etc. can be captured on the system. Multiple reimbursement requests can be made at the same time.

The employee can capture new expense requests, save drafts and view a list of rejected and approved expenses. Managers can see a  list of requests awaiting approval.

Although it is very intuitive to use, user training can be included with this product.

Other features:

  • Three user access levels are used in the system: Employees, Administrators and Managers.
  • The system workflow contains four states: Draft, Pending Approval, Approved and Rejected.
  • Administrators can customise request form fields to suit your own requirements.
  • The list of expenses is auto-calculated to give the total amount on the fly.
  • Approvers can be more than one (up to six approvers).
  • The system sends an email notification for each approval request.
  • Selected approval requests can be exports to CSV format.
  • Print approval requests directly from the system.
  • Multiple attachments can be added to requests.
  • The system can be integrated with other business systems using Power Automate (i.e. Dynamics 365, Salesforce, SQL Server, Oracle, Slack etc)

Actions available to regular employees:
• Submit new requests
• View and print own requests
• Edit own requests (except requests in Approved status)
• Approve or reject requests waiting for approval (if an employee was chosen as an approver)*

Actions available to managers:
All actions of regular employees plus:
• Create own request template (via My Request Templates)
• Access to all requests created from own request templates (via My Requests Reports)
• Edit approved requests (created from own request templates)
• Grant permission to own request templates for other managers

Actions available to administrators:
All actions of regular employees plus:
• Access to all requests and approval templates
• Edit all approved requests
• Customize system settings
• Define request categories
• Assign user roles


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